Why you should donate to Ambucs

AMBUCS appreciates your generous donations, which are used to encourage mobility and a sense of independence for those with disabilities, to provide much needed scholarships for those entering the therapeutic field, and to help us further our Cornerstone program that allows us to start new chapters of AMBUCS so that our service to those who are disabled and to our communities can continue. AMBUCS is a fully registered 501c3 non-profit organization so all of your monetary donations and donations of goods and services are tax deductible as the applicable law allows. AMBUCS thanks you for your generosity and well meaning contributions to our efforts to make this world a better place for those individuals with disabilities. Whether they might be wounded veterans, children with formative or developmental disabilities, and individuals with speech or auditory disabilities. Help us make this world a better and more compassionate place to live.


By making a donation to AMBUCS you are helping us grow the AmTryke Therapeutic Tricycle Program, which provides therapeutic tricycles to people with disabilities. Some of these tricycles are operated by hand pedals or hand cranks so that those with lower body amputations can enjoy the ability to be mobile and to perform family-based exercise like they once could. Nothing is as beautiful as seeing a wounded veteran who is a father or mother be able to ride a tricycle along with their child as they would never have been able to do so without your help. AMBUCS provides therapeutic tricycles that offer all the typical advantages of riding a bike: mobility, strength, exercise, coordination, fellowship with family and friends, and a great time.
Our Scholarships For Therapists Program helps to assist college students, who are studying physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and audiology. By encouraging more people to enter into this caring field, greater numbers of disabled and injured individuals will get the therapy and support that they need to recover from disabling and immobilizing injuries, birth defects, developmental defects, and hearing and speech disabilities.
The AMBUCS Cornerstone Program helps us to begin the process of expanding our service and caring organization by starting new chapters in cities and towns such as yours. More than simply making our organization bigger, the Cornerstone program leverages the power of many people working together for the common goal of helping those with disabilities to lead richer and more satisfying lives through enrichment activities and therapy. We advocate and serve those who cannot serve themselves and who deserve our respect and who want to be able to contribute to our society as well. By starting new chapters, more disabled people are served and we are able to have the opportunity to enrich the lives of both our members and the local community.


Southwest AMBUCS is the Amarillo, Texas area chapter of National AMBUCS ™️, Inc. Ambucs is a non-profit service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.