Kylie Hiner was a cherished and integral part of the tight-knit Canyon community. This new playground serves as a tribute, a haven to immerse oneself in the joy that Kylie effortlessly brought to the lives of those who knew her well.

Kylie possessed a remarkable gift for connecting with others. She had an insatiable curiosity about people she encountered for the first time, memorizing details about them. Upon subsequent meetings, she would inquire about these specifics, making her newfound friends feel incredibly valued. If Kylie crossed paths with you, rest assured, you held a special place in her heart.

Making plans and creating memorable moments with friends and family was one of Kylie’s passions. She approached every interaction with a personal touch, ensuring that meeting her was a uniquely positive experience. Kylie’s ability to remember individualized gestures, be it a special handshake, a distinct greeting, or a shared inside joke, demonstrated her genuine interest in forging meaningful connections.

While Kylie navigated the world with autism, those close to her affectionately dubbed it “odd-tism” because her quirks only added to her endearing charm. To her friends and family, she was simply the funny girl who brightened their days.

Kylie’s love knew no bounds; she embraced everyone, and in return, everyone cherished Kylie. The memories she created, the connections she fostered, and the joy she spread find a lasting tribute in this playground, a reflection of the indelible impact Kylie had on the hearts of the community.






For the last five years we have provided parks to the following.
Windsor Elementary
$60,000 toddler park, created for safety for children with special needs aged 6 and under.


We also provided a park at Belmar Elementary at an estimated cost of $60,000. Providing wheelchair ramps to meet ADA standards, as well as a fenced in area with artificial grass and a swing set with special swings to help with the wheelchair program in the AISD community.
We also provided a special needs park for Wesley Community Center at an estimated cost of $290,000. This will service the entire school in addition to all special needs children.

In the honoring of Kylie’s life, the Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground will be a place for all members of the Canyon community. We are raising $1.2 million for this project.
The Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground will be located in the southwest corner of Conner Park in Canyon, Texas.

To make a donation toward the Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground, click on the “Donate Now” button below.

Southwest AMBUCS is the Amarillo, Texas area chapter of National AMBUCS ™️, Inc. Ambucs is a non-profit service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.